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Fortunelink digital is an open online learning service that is pioneering a new approach to business and management training, targeting primarily; aspiring entrepreneurs, young manager, graduates, career switcher and knowledge seekers. We help businesses build motivated and productive workforces. We partner with...

Digital Learning

Our Learning Programmes Combine Online Courses Delivered Via Web And Mobile, In-Person Workshops And On-The-Job Practice And Support.


We Partner With Organisations To Equip Entrepreneurs With Key Business Skills. And We Run Work-Readiness Programmes For Young Job-Seekers.

Engineering Tech

With Our Innovative And Techno-Managerial Expatiates We Use Our Diagnostic Repair Equipment To Get Your PC, Phones & Gadgets Repaired Quickly And Well.

Circuit Design/Repair

We Design & Build Electronics Circuits That Powers The Technology Of The Century As Well As Faults Tracing And Repairs.

Open Competition

Entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship how do you intend to it create jobs and build a profitable organization

Price : ₦5,000
Posted : about 7 months ago

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